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Online 1-on-1 Personal Training

Our online personal training experience is designed for clients that are motivated to make it to the gym each day but need that extra push to structure their programs and inspire them to go that extra mile. 
The online fitness assessment sessions are available to anyone with internet access via Skype or FaceTime. 
Dylan will guide you through a customized program geared towards your individual goals whether that be building muscle, losing weight, or increasing performance in your sport. We have trained everything from your first 5K to the NFL combine. 
With video analysis, Dylan will correct your form and guide you every step of the way to ensure you feel supported, motivated, and gaining results just as if he was right in the gym with you.
Your program will consist of:
	Initial Fitness Assessment and Consultation (Questionnaires will be emailed immediately following purchase)
	Personalized 8-Week Program Specific To Your Goals
	8 Accountability Sessions via Skype or Facetime
	Recommendations on Nutrition and Supplement Stacks
	Daily Access To Your Trainer To Answer Any Questions or Motivate!

Who are SpadStrengthSpeed’s clients:
	Clients looking for a better grasp on their training
	Individuals who work a sedentary desk job that need an efficient and structured plan
	Fitness enthusiasts in need of an exercise plan geared towards muscle growth and size
	Weight loss clients that need a plan that allows for maximum calorie burn per session
	Athletes looking to improve speed and strength for their sport
	Men and Women looking to increase their strength levels