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About us

Our Mission: To provide our clients with every tool necessary to achieve their fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle. 

SpadStrengthSpeed is an online personal training service offering customized training programs from highly qualified coaches from all over the country. With your specific goals in mind, our programs fall under 3 categories - Athletic Performance, Muscle Building, and Weight Loss. 

Why Our Programs?

These programs are designed to give you the confidence to follow through with a training program designed by a highly certified strength coach. Most people have the motivation to get to the gym but when they get there, they feel lost. These programs are designed to bridge that gap. You can have a personal trainer in the palm of your hand without being overcharged for hands on training. 

Every program includes:

  • An easy-to-use training program that allows you to track progress and experience results. 

  • A month-long training calendar so you will always know what to do each day. 

  • A wide selection of core, conditioning, and plyometric circuits designed by top group fitness instructors and exercise specialists.